What’s the standard number of units per botox injection?

Is it common for a doctor to inject more than 10 units of botox at a time? I recently had some work done on my forehead and the doctor made 4 total injections, but said there was more than 10 units of botox in each. I thought I misheard him because most of what I've read says 5 units is standard, but he clarified and said he does more than most doctors because he’s experienced and feels comfortable doing it that way. Is that a good thing?


F, 42, Virginia

there's no standard unit, since every patient is different.  in my experience, I use anywhere between 10 and 80 units of Botox in most of my treatments.  our most common treatment is in the 40-50 unit range.

It may be OK. It may be a bit wasteful because that much Botox concentrated in a small area may not be necessary. It depends on what muscles are being treated and how big they are.  Neurologist will inject much larger dose with a single injection but they are treating much larger muscles.