When is a Cheek Lift With Fillers Recommended?

My cheeks are starting to get flabby and it's making me look really old. I also noticed hollow shadows running down my cheeks and I want to ask for a professional opinion. Are fillers enough to pump up my cheeks and fix my bad dimpling? I'm only 42 yers old, and I hope that I don't need surgery yet.


M, 45, New York

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Thank you for your question. Cheek lift with fillers can be performed succesfully on people who has no explicit sagging on their face and cheek. It causes worse appearance rather than the benefit on sagging face . The skin is drooping with the weight of the filler and also the fillers moves under the face skin. I recommend cheek lift with fillers for my patients who have no sagging or a bit. This is a common mistake made by medical aesthetic specialists.


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Dr.Bora Ok Certified Plastic Surgeon