Where can I legally purchase Juvederm for self-use?

I'm positive that Juvederm can be purchased online but I can't find a site that I trust to be legit. Is there a site that's doctor-sanctioned that has Juvederm or other fillers for sale? I think I could apply it on my own but I'd only do that if I was sure. I wouldn't take chances with my face! Thanks!!


F, 39, Utah

You can't legally buy Juvederm unless you are a doctor.  Any site that would sell you "Juvederm" is not trustworty- it is breaking the law, and you can't trust what you are getting.

You say that you wouldn't take chances with your face, but why would you inject yourself?  You don't mention that you have any training, education, or experience at all.  This is just plain unwise.


I am sure everyone on here would tell you that it is a really bad idea to purchase a medical product online, and even more dangerous to attempt injection on yourself. This is your face! Preserve your beauty!

Juvederm is produced by Allergan and is supposed to be injected by a licensed health care provider the definition of which can vary from state to state. As a patient you are not able to obtain this product legally and inject yourself.

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