Where would botox be injected to treat migraines?

I'm a long-time migraine sufferer (from adolescence to middle-age!) and I wonder, had Botox been available to me years ago, could I have eliminated decades of suffering? To get to the point though: should my migraines go back to being as constant and torturous as they were in my 20s and Botox becomes an option, where would I be injected? I can handle needles for sure (I've had acupuncture treatments for migraines too) but I'd like to know in advance all the same. I visualize it being on my forehead or temples or between my eyes over the bridge of my nose. Whatever the location, I know I could handle it and it would be worth it for the results.


F, 43, Utah


  Botox for migraines has been a useful treatment to decrease the number of headaches a month.  The protocol is to inject in the forehead, the temples and the back of the head and neck.  Usually 155 units are used for the standard protocol, but if I can identify specific trigger points we can decrease the units used and the cost.

Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics

Denver, Colorado 


Hi Annalaura:

Botox can be very effective in treating migraines.  Whereas Botox usually lasts for 3-6 months for treating wrinkles, it can last for 6-12 months when treating migraines.  It is typically injected in the supraorbital neurovascular bundle area (above the inner part of your eyebrows), in the area of the zygomaticotemporal nerve ( lateral to your lower eyelid), and in the occipitalis neurovascular bundle (in the back of your neck).  It is not painful and is well worth the slight discomfort.

Dr. Ken Stein