Which mole removal creams actually work on the face?

I've been trying to get rid of my moles for years now. After trying a couple of creams (one by skinpro and an organic cream) I haven't had any lucky. Will creams ever work for me or are my moles too bad? What are the best mole removal creams that you would recommend?


F, 49, New York

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Herbal products like SkinPro do not work to remove moles.  Moles are usually removed by surgical excision by a physician like a board-certified plastic surgeon or medical skin care specialist who uses an instrument called a hyfrecator.

A hyfrecator, which works by using electricity, is very effective at removing unwanted benign skin lesions and moles. This leaves a small scar that can be treated with products like Alastin Nectar or Biocorneum silicone gel to minimize the scar.  These products can improve healing to minimize risk of long-term scarring from the procedure.