Which peel is better for acne: glycolic or salicylic acid?

Which peel is better for acne glycolic or salicylic acid, submitted image.

I have pretty bad skin, with painful zits and giant bumps throughout my cheeks and chin. I can't put makeup on them because they look gross. I started doing some research on the Internet and found out that glycolic and salicylic acid can help clear acne. Can you please tell me which one would be better for my type of skin and acne? I'm really frustrated about it. Thank you!

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Hi Crissy, I am sorry that cystic acne continues to be an issue for you. While most people do "grow out" of acne, for many, acne is a life-long problem. These chemical peels may help a little with your acne but may leave you underwhelmed. You may wish to speak to a certified dermatologist to discuss possible medical treatments and wait on the peels until the skin starts to improve!