Which procedure is better, tummy tuck or liposuction?

My problem is excess skin and loose abdominal muscles from excessive weight loss. I want a flat and smooth abdomen and I am confused whether to have a tummy tuck or just a liposuction. Is there a way to tell which operation is best for me before meeting with a cosmetic surgeon? 


F, 38, California

Thank you for the question and from your description you sound like a better candidate for an abdominoplasty

Dr Corbin


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You've answered your own question I believe. With excess skin and loose muscle tummy tuck is the way to go. Of course without an examination you wouldn't know for sure so be certain to consult an experienced plastic surgeon. 

Hi Arris

You likely will not be well served by lipo alone. 

Liposuction merely removes fat to sculpt the torso.  You can expect some skin shrinkage to the smaller profile, but unless you have good skin tone, you risk having even more floppy skin.

Tummy tuck will surgically remove the excess skin along with scars, stretch marks, etc. Within the excised tissue.  Additionally, the loose abdominal muscles that you have will be tightened to create a nicely sculpted torso.  Without muscle work, you again, will not have an optimal result.

Hope this helps.



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