Who is the best fit for a CoolSculpting procedure?

What type of patient is a good candidate for CoolSculpting, instead of just standard liposuction?



M, 41, Pennsylvania

Patients can gradually remove fat in isolated areas witout downtime.  That is the appeal of Coolsculpting.  You need to approach it like a surgery in terms of developing a treatment plan.  Since we offer both liposuction and Coolsculpting, we can guide patients properly.  Ideal candidates have well defined areas to treat ( love handles,  etc) and are not too overweight.    We have definitely found a role for heavier patients as well, and plan multiple session to shape one area

Hey Dennis,

CoolSculpting is excellent non-invasive tool for people who just have an inch or two on their waist line or flanks that they just can't seem to improve with diet and exercise. It will never give you the result you'll achieve with liposuction but is an excellent option for patients that are trying to avoid surgery and still improve their body contour. Hope this was helpful. Good luck!