Why am I sweating so much, and what can I do about it?

I seem to be sweating a lot more than other people, especially during the night-time. My girlfriend doesn't have this problem, so it's not a matter of room temperature. Is this something that could be wrong with my body? Maybe it's because I'm a bit overweight, and I don't really do much exercise.


M, 30, Oregon

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You are not alone. Many people suffer from excessive, or even just embarrassing, sweating. And while occasionally there are underlying medical reasons, for most of us it is just too much sweat. Historically, the only treatment options were to either just deal with it, use medical grade anti-perspirants or wipes with strong or toxic chemicals, or undergo Botox injections, which are extremely expensive, require multiple painful injections, and will only last about 4-6 months. Fortunately, there is now a tremendous device to treat underarm sweat, called miraDry. This device will remove, actually destroy, over 80% of your sweat glands, and for 85-90% of patients, a single treatment is all that is needed. As an added benefit, the treatment will also destroy odor glands, and for women, about 70% reduction in hair. Treatment takes less than an hour, is done under local anesthetic, and the results are immediate - the next day you will not be sweating! You will have mild tenderness, swelling, and some firm nodularity for several days to a week or two, but it will not stop you from your normal activities or work. Contact a provider who is experienced with miraDry, and I believe you will be very happy.

Over sweating also called hyperhidrosis needs an evaluation by a primary care physician or Dermatologist.  This will see if there are any medical concerns causing your condition.  Sometimes hormones, diabetes or even tumor can use hyperhidrosis.

Once you have been cleared as a serious form of hyperhidrosis, you can have various treatment options such as MiraDry procedure, iontophoresis, glycopyrronium towelettes, Botox injections or just prescription strength antiperspirant.

We offer Botox treatments for hyperhidrosis.  Patients seem to like it a lot and have results for upto 6 months.  Cost about $1,000


Ken Oleszek, MD

La Fontaine Aesthetics 

Denver, Colorado