Why did the Fraxel Laser not Work for my Acne Scars?

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My Fraxel laser treatment was last week and I did not really like the results. A lot of people seem to get good result from the procedure but I still have acne that I am not comfortable with. To me the goal is to feel proud and comfortable in your own skin. I do not feel that way now. Why did this happen to me and not others?


M, 36, New Jersey

Hi Michael. Acne scars are EXTREMELY hard to treat. Everyone responds differently to different lasers. If fraxel did not help I would recommend that you find a good provider who has experience using a CO2 laser. It has a very long recovery but it is the most effective. Shop around and find someone that has a lot of experience. It is a serious procedure and don't price shop your face. For this procedure go with the best and not the least expensive.