Why does my eyelid keep twitching after blepharoplasty?

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It drives me crazy when it happens because it starts up out of nowhere and doesn't necessarily last for long yet I can't focus on anything but the twitching while it's happening. It only began to happen less than a month following a blepharoplasty procedure I had on both eyes. The twitching only happens in one eyelid though--my left eye which has always been more sensitive than the right. Could the twitching be directly attributable to the procedure? If so, when can I expect it to stop?


F, 35, Utah

Twitching eyelids is not uncommon, and is most commonly the result of lack of sleep.  In the setting of a postop blepharoplasty, the eyelids muscles and nerves get cut in the process of the procedure.  As part of the healing process, the recovering muscles and nerves may become hypersensitive, resulting in twitching.  This is generally self-limiting and resolves over time.  It may take several months until it stops, however.  If it continues after 6 months, I recommend that you consult with an ophthalmologist to evaluate for other causes.

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