Why is my hair shedding all of a sudden?

Tags:woman age 25-34 balding hair loss pregnancy options

Our shower drain kept clogging and we always managed to fix it with a plunger until this one time when it just would not be drained! The super came by with a snake and pulled out a disgusting mass of hair—SO GROSS—and all mine! (My husband shaves his head bald every day, it's definitely not even partly his fault.) I was mortified!! From then on, I would compulsively check the drain after each shower so that wouldn't have to happen again and I saw that I was losing a lot of hair every time. The realization gave me this super icky feeling in the pit of my stomach. Now I've begun to find hair on my pillow and that's s never happened before, at least not to a point where it would stand out. I'm trying to think if there's something I'm doing or not doing that's contributing to this? I've been a lucky gal in the hair department my whole life and I never take that for granted. But what could be wrong? I'm 32, healthy, ready to begin working on a baby. I'm fit and I eat very conscientiously. My periods are regular. I don't feel anemic. But I'm finding my hair everywhere. On all my things. It's so in my face. The icky feeling kept getting worse so I knew I couldn't ignore it. Who can I see about something like this? Are there ways of stopping it before it's too late or if it's too late, what are there options in that event?


F, 34, Virginia