Why such huge price discrepancies for Tummy Tucks?

I have been dreaming about getting an abdominoplasty/tummy tuck for many years now and recently came to the conclusion that I can't put it off any longer, it has become imperative. I realize that plastic surgery doesn't come cheap and am prepared to pay whatever is considered a fair price for this procedure. Except the price discrepancies are ridiculous! I know that location, a surgeon's experience level, board certifications and general reputation all play a factor with respect to price with all procedures, but with tummy tucks I've seen them priced from as little as $2800 to as much as 12 or 13k. Surely there must be other factors involved when one doctor can charge $2800 for what appears to be the same procedure as the doctor who does it for 13k. But are there? Why do these discrepancies occur for tummy tuck prices and not for other surgeries? I don't get it.


F, 37, New Jersey

Hi heavenne

I am not sure why there is such a huge rang.  NJ and NY tends to be somewhat expensive.  Here in TX price is around $6400 or so, with some variation.

I would recommend that you change your mindset.  You never NEED a tummy tuck, you may want it badly.  That said, it gives you all the power- not too shabby.

My recommendations are:

Look at doctor sites like this and others that may give you insights about various doctors.  Talk to friends.  Look at websites and see what you like. 

ONLY go to a Board certified PLASTIC SURGEON.

Prices will vary between surgeons for whatever reason, but don't choose based on price alone.  The most expensive doesn't ensure the best result, and the cheapest doesn't mean a poor result, but I would be careful here.

The hospital fees will vary, and anesthesia fees will vary.

Have a look at my site as a good start  www.txplasticsurgeon.com.

Take your time as this is a HUGE operation and just as big changes are expected, big complications may occur.

Good luck.


I would recommend you consider two things to improve comparison

1) is the quote you are receiving all inclusive- Doctor , hospital , anesthesia, etc

2) what type of tummy tuck are you being quoted. Is it an extended abdominoplasty? Does it include liposuction or is that an added expense?

youmay want to speak with office patient coordinators and not front office staff

best regards

Jack Peterson MD


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The cost for tummy tucks varies for a variety of reasons.  Surgeons who operate in their offices generally can charge less than those that operate in hospitals due to the fees charged by the hospital.  Another factor is the anesthesia costs.   The $2800.00 you were quoted is most likely just the surgeons fees.    Please make sure you visit a board certified plastic surgeon before moving forward with any surgery.  Good luck.

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It would be impossible to speak for other physicians. Cost is associated with facility fees, anesthesia, and surgeon fee so be sure your looking at the total cost when trying to compare prices. Good Luck 

Dear Heavenne 

Thank you for question. There can be wide variation in tummy tuck pricing but a price of $2800 is way below industry standards.  I would have to say that price is a marketing "teaser" price and it most likely only reflects the surgeon's fee. In the southeastern United States (Atlanta specifically) an all inclusive price ranges $8000-11,000. 

Best wishes

Earl Stephenson, Jr, MD, DDS, FACS

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