Will Botox be effective no matter how often I get it?

Because I know that the results from a single Botox treatment won't last forever, I'm wondering if the results will be as effective regardless of how often I have the treatment done? OR could this possibly be a case where results actually improve with each treatment meaning the more frequent the treatment, the more lasting the results?


F, 40, Utah

Botox will work better if you receive it every 3-4 months, rather than every 6 months, for example.  Since Botox only lasts 3-4 months, ideally you will want to replace it as soon as it is wearing off, which is when you will see motion return to the treated areas.  By sticking to this regimen, you will not have any reversal of your results from the return of muscle movement.  Regardless of your frequency, however, should you stop using the product lines and wrinkles will return as your facial muscles return to their normal activity

Hi Eliza:

Interestingly, there are studies that have been done that if you get the Botox done before it wears off on a regular basis, it may end up lasting longer, sometimes up to a year.  The thought is that the muscles relax and it takes them longer to regain their strength if you continually keep them weakened.

Dr. Ken Stein