Will deep chemical peels help reduce facial wrinkles?

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Should I believe the hype that deep chemical peels can actually help get rid of wrinkles? To me that seems like a more natural approach than using fillers like botox. If it’s true I think I might consider it. I guess there’s more recovery time needed with a chemical peel compared to a filler though?


F, 52, Tennessee

Be careful! Deep chemical peels are Phenol and Croton peels (another name for Phenol Peels)> Yes they can eradicate your lines and wrinkles at the expense of a LONG (1-3) months recovery, possible loss of pigment, and possible scarring.  I haven't performed this procedure for many years but if you are very light skinned and have "alligator" skin wrinkles it is still a good procedure!

Yes chemical peels are used often for sun damage and aged skin including wrinkles.  Botox is used to diminish wrinkles from muscle motion.