Will exercising right after Botox decrease the results?

If I get some Botox units to my forehead and between eyebrows, then exercise later in the day, do I run the risk of ruining the effects? I have friends that say it’s fine, but I’ve been reading that increased blood flow could diminish the results.


F, 32, Vermont

Hi Pamela:

There is no reason not to exercise immediately after Botox.  That will not ruin the effects and the Botox can't migrate.

Dr. Ken Stein

While there are no studies to recommend optimal guidelines for post-injection care, I recommend no exercise the evening after Botox injections.

I usually recommend 48-72 hours of no heavy exertion after Botox, partly to limit the ability of the product to migrate and partly to prevent "washout," though I can't say I've ever seen literature strongly suggesting this phenomenon from a scientific standpoint. Your provider should be able to explain policies regarding activity.


-- Dr. Sayed

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