Will eyelid surgery leave behind scars?

I went through a bad patch in my teens where my acne was terrible and fortunately that's no longer a problem but I still have a lot of scarring that I'm super self-conscious about. I'm planning to have surgery on my eyelids (blepharoplasty) and I'm very concerned that it will leave a scar. Is this true? If so, how bad a scar and is there something that I could do or that could be done to minimize or get rid of it completely while I'm recovering or once I'm completely recovered?


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Blepharoplasty procedures leave minimal, barely perceptible scars in most patients. This is even true of most patients who had scarring issues related to acne, keloids or other scarring conditions, as the skin of the face, and particularly the eyelids, has robust blood supply. We employ judicious use of steroid medications like Medrol during the healing phase after blepharoplasty to minimize bruising and scarring. Avoiding smoking and eating a well balanced diet with good protein intake are also helpful for good healing. Learn more about blepharoplasty at timsayedmd.com.

 With surgery for the upper eyelids, there is a permanent scar. However, this is usually very well hidden and not usually very visible.   You should discuss this specific issue with your surgeon, however, it doesn't heven like acne scars do. 

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Thank you for the question and with a blepharoplasty to the upper lids there will be a scar but eyelid skin heals very well and the scar will be hidden in the lid fold

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The blepharoplasty scar is a scar, but fortunately it is one of the best healing scars we can create. Make sure your board certified plastic surgeon uses as small a sutures as possible, under minimal tension, and stay out of the sun during the healing phase. I wish you the best of luck and assure you, you should be pleasantly surprised by the slightness of the scar.