Will fat go away if I lose weight after Brazilian butt lift?

If I transfer fat from my abdomen to by butt, then start working out a lot after surgery, will I burn the fat in my butt and ruin the results of the Brazilian butt lift? I want to change the way I look for the better, but I don’t want to spend money having a procedure that will go away if I work out and lose weight.


F, 42, Virginia

Hi Anycute:

It is quite possible that if you lose a substantial amount of weight after a BBL, that your buttocks can go down.  It is rare that it is a dramatic decrease, but you are much better being at your ideal weight when you have the procedure.   It is good to work out after the procedure, just make sure that you keep up your caloric intake to avoid losing too much weight.  That is a problem that is rarely encountered.

Dr. Ken Stein