Will fat transfer results last forever?

If I had fat transferred from my belly to my butt, would the results last forever? If not, how long before they wear off and could something be done to make the results last as long as possible?

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Surgical results should not be expected to "last forever." However, after fat transfer, while some of the fat absorbs (some say up to 50%), the remainder is permanently your own tissue. Of course, like fat elsewhere, you could burn some of it off with diet and exercise and weight changes could impact the volume, but in general, fat transfer can give very long lasting results. Just don't expect plastic surgery to stop the aging process!

-- Dr. Sayed

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The fat that survives will last forever. MAKE SURE you seek a skilled board certified plastic surgeon to do this! In skilled hands with proper technology, up to 80% of fat transferred will survive. It really depends on technique, thoughtfulness, and experience of the surgeon. Another consideration may interest you- butt implants. Silicone implants, as long as you like them, do not rupture and can also last forever.