Will a forehead reduction reduce my forehead lines?

I have been using botox for a while now and it works great, however the price continues to burn a hole in my pocket. I was thinking if there was a procedure that reduced forehead lines in one shot then it may be cost beneficial to me. Can a forehead reduction eliminate the wrinkles on my forehead?


M, 44, Virginia

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A forehead reduction will simply reduce the amount of skin between the hairline and the brows.  The frontalis muscle, which is the culprit that causes the forehead lines, will still be present and active.

If you have very deep lines, they may be softened with a skin filler.  But the only method currently available to treat forehead lines is Botox.  Botox will weaken the frontalis muscle so that it cannot contract and cause the lines.  Unfortunately, Botox doesn't last a long time.

One fact:  if you keep the muscle treated with Botox and don't allow it to wear off, the muscle may atrophy a bit and then your intervals of need for Botox treatment will be prolonged.

Elliot W. Jacobs, MD, FACS

New York City