Will getting a reduction lift the nipples up?

‪I’m low key desperate for a reduction but every doctor I’ve been through rejects me as soon as the words come out my mouth and make me feel so helpless just because I’m only 17, I’m just sick of pain every night and wearing 3 bras to exercise you know. I want to get active and lose weight so badly but any activity above a walk is uncomfortable and embarrassing. I’m also so uncomfortable why my body image as my nipples basically point towards the floor and not outwards like literally everyone else my age. I just feel like I’ll never have the life I want with my 34G’s stuck weighing me down. Can people my age even have this prevedure ? I don’t know but I feel hopeless and kind of ugly in a way with them here. I know I went on a tangent and I’m sorry about that I just have so much on my chest (get it?) that I haven’t been able to tell anyone in my life because they would just think it’s stupid or will go away when I get to my twenties. 


F, 20, United Kingdom