Will I have any facelift scars?

I am almost 60 years old and am looking to rejuvenate my look.  Although I am kind of scared to have invasive surgery, I have been looking into getting a facelift.  I have been doing some research online and it seems like there is a way to make the scars not very noticeable.  Is this true?  If I do have scarring where would it be?


F, 62, New York

Facelift techniques vary but scars are generally hidden in the hairline or behind the ears and are not noticeable but which technique would give you the best result requires an examination.  So see some experts in your area.

Dr Corbin


A facelift can be performed in such a ways as to minimize the appearance of the incision. The incision can be hidden behind the ear notch( tragus) and carried behind the ear. Good luck!


  All unfortunately all invasive surgery has scars. However scars on the face after facelift are almost imperceptible. They are usually around the front of your ear and extending around your earlobe to the back of your ear into or along your hairline. Good Luck! Hope you love your result.