Will my Brazilian butt lift results last forever?

32 year old female here. My ass is flat as can be and I can’t stand it. There is a lot of information out there indicating Brazilian Butt Lift results are permanent. I definitely don’t want to rush into anything, but if I were to have the procedure, am I wrong to assume the results will pretty much last forever?


F, 33, New York

Hi there,

The nice thing about BBL procedures is that the fat is your own tissue and has the best chance of giving you a permanent enhancement. Some patients require more than one "round" of BBL based on how much donor site fat the patient has and how much can safely be transferred in one procedure. Also, depending on your body fat distribution, you may be a candidate for substantial enlargement of the buttock or only moderate enhancement. Some patients get advised to gain some weight to create donor site excess fat for transfer. 

With regard to longevity, here is the deal: perhaps up to 50% of fat that is grafted may not take, which often means a second round or is addressed by the surgeon "overcorrecting" in the first procedure to account for some deflation. What takes should stay permanently, however, barring significant weight loss. Remember that this is your own fat so if you lose weight easily, you may burn off some of the fat that was grafted with major weight loss. It's helpful if you are at a reasonably stable weight before the surgery. We also tend to use fat from the areas where your body has already demonstrated difficulty losing fat (by definition) and sometimes that fat actually has biologic tendencies to be harder to burn (more lipase inhibitors, to be technical), so it has a better chance of taking and staying.

I strongly prefer BBL over gluteal implants due to the infection and malposition risks with gluteal implants in many surgeons' hands. However, BBL should be performed in accredited surgery centers by well qualified board-certified plastic surgeons like me and many of the respondents on Zwivel. Be wary of some of the high volume, low cost centers which may have a checkered safety record.

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The results last forever, except that you will age forever also, so every year they will look one year older.

Hi A

The BBL results may be variable depending on many factors, not least the skills of the doctor.

That said, fat is a living tissue and it is removed from its blood supply and placed into a new area where it is a race between cell death and revascularization.  Some of the fat will die.

It is safe to assume that whatever remains after say about 9 months post transfer, should be permanent.

Hope this helps.