Will previous liposuction impact a Brazilian butt lift?

I had liposuction 6 years ago. Now I’m 42 and I want a Brazilian butt lift. I don’t have much fat in my abdomen area since after my liposuction I tried to stay in good shape. If I don’t have enough fat to take, would I still be able to get a Brazilian butt lift, or am I out of luck?


F, 43, New Jersey

Hi.   Unfortunately, if you do not have enough fat remaining to be able to take to fill up your buttocks, then you may not be able to have a Brazilian butt lit’d. However, if you still have some areas of  unwanted fat, these can be used to give you the lift.  Best of luck

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Previous liposuction may affect a Brazilian buttock lift if there is not enough fat left to fill the buttocks and hips properly.  If there is still enough fat remaining there is no problem.

Dr. Ken Stein