Will a Revision Fix my messed up breast implants?

I think I need a breast revision but I am not sure. It is pretty obvious to me that my initial breast implant procedure did not go well. I went back to my original surgeon and he is ok with providing a revision for me. But, why would I get a revision from the same doctor? They already messed it up once. There probably is a good chance they will do it again.


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Without a few more details -- such as speaking with you about your expectations and seeing the results first hand, understanding who did the cosmetic surgery and where it was performed, and knowing how much time has elapsed since the procedure -- it is difficult to determine how to proceed.

If you are not happy with the results of your breast augmentation/breast implant surgery, then by all means you should have breast revision surgery. The issue, though, may be that you have lost faith in the original surgeon that performed the plastic surgery and no longer feel comfortable dealing with them. Even if they will do the breast implant revision surgery for no charge or a minimal charge (to cover the cost of the anesthesiologist, surgical center, etc.), it is understandable if you don't want to go back for fear they will mess it up again.

New implants usually take six to eight weeks for the swelling to subside, but we recommend waiting three to six months for breasts to fully settle into position and the tissue to soften. But if you’re not happy,  visit with a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area to determine your options. You’re not likely to be the first person they've seen who has had breast implant problems.

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After a few months you should have the look of natural breasts as a result of your breast surgery. If you don’t and if your breasts are hard, misplaced, too far apart, too close together, or something just isn’t right with them, you have every right to look into augmentation revision surgery.

Even with the latest techniques used in breast augmentation surgery, complications can arise or people may not be happy with the results. Whether you had saline or silicone implants doesn't matter as much as the skill of the surgeon who performed the procedure.

I understand how you would be uncomfortable going back for a revision procedure with the surgeon responsible for the original breast augmentation. I suggest you investigate a few board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a consultation. They will have certainly encountered "bad" breast implants in the past and have experience performing revision breast augmentation/implant replacement. Together you can discuss the options that should guarantee you the best results.

Sorry to hear of your disappointment with your result.  If you have lost confidence in your surgeon, go on some complimentary consultations with experts and compare recommendations 

Dr Corbin 


Yes, you can get breast revision as you are not satisfied with your initial breast implant results. I would suggest you consult the other medical professional for breast augmentation revisions because only a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can effectively provide the breast augmentation treatment that gives you desired results.