Will size decrease as breast augmentation swelling goes down?

Just had surgery less than a week ago, and I’m concerned because my breasts are bigger than I expected them to be. I hope that the size will continue to decrease as the swelling goes down, but right now I’m worried that I chose the wrong size.


F, 29, New Jersey

Hi. Yes, your breasts are swollen (and usually higher on your chest) after only 1 week from your surgery.  It will take several more weeks (or months) for all of the swelling to be gone and for them to settle into the appropriate location.  Don't worry too much, and make sure to discuss all of your concerns with your PS so he/she can help guide you through the process.  Best of luck!

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Sorry for your concern but it takes at least 3 months for all the swelling to go out of the breast.  If anything patients who return for more surgery wish they had gone larger

Dr Corbin


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