Will a Thigh Lift Help Fix My Cellulite?

I am almost positive I have cellulite from massive weight loss and it's not the typical cellulite women get. It is long and wavy. It looks loose and not just the typical orange peel look. I also know that liposuction can make skin loose, which is already my case, so I really believe liposuction is not the answer. I do have loose skin from 100 pounds of weight loss and I am considering getting a thigh lift. I was hoping the thigh lift would help my cellulite, but I was told by one surgeon it wouldn't and another surgeon said it could potentially help. I just haven't found the right surgeon yet.

Needless to say, I'm pretty sad about the surgeon's answers. Any advice from the expert surgeons on here would be greatly appreciated. I've posted 3 photos below. In one of them, the cellulite looks particularly bad and that's because I purposely angled my leg because that's when my cellulite looks worst (in that position). The picture of me in the black underwear with the red arrow is when I pull the loose skin away in the front of my thighs, the cellulite diminishes to a considerable degree so I don't understand why a thigh lift would not help my cellulite. 


F, 42, California

These are all great questions, and very common ones.  First, congratulations on the weight loss.  If you are planning on losing more weight, I would wait until you get to your goal weight before undergoing any body contour procedures.  The first thing you need to understand is that there is NO CURE for cellulite.  There are treatments that can improve the appearance of it.  As far as which treatment to get, liposuction does increase the risk of worsening the appearance of cellulite, so I would definitely avoid that.  A posterior body lift/thigh lift may help smooth it out as a by-product of tightening the skin, and you may need this if you lose more weight.  There are other treatments such as cellulaze and cellfina which may help as well.  I would probably try with one of those first if you are not planning on having a body lift procedure.  I'm sorry if these answers aren't what you want to hear, but the reality is cellulite is very frustrating and there is just no true cure for it yet.  Good luck!