Will U.S. surgeons give me XL breast implants?

I know it's frowned upon but it's my business and I KNOW I want XL (extra large) breast implants. Will I be able to get this surgery in the U.S. or will I have to take my chances and my business elsewhere? Is there a legal limit for breast size that U.S. plastic surgeons are not allowed to go beyond? I think it's stupid if that's the case. I'm over 18 and I know what I want and that should be all that matters. And that I have the money to pay for it. That's all that should be required.


F, 21, Kentucky

It’s important to define what you mean by XL. In the US, you can purchase XL implants up to approximately 800cc in size. Extra large silicone breast inserts of 1000cc and higher are available in some other countries but not in the US.

Typically, patients work their way up to larger sizes as most women simply don’t have enough available skin to cover an 800cc insert. By beginning with a smaller size and working up to an XL size, the skin can then adapt to accommodate them.

In order to support extra large sizes, your plastic surgeon may recommend an “internal bra” to help lift the breasts and prevent sagging.

It should be noted that there are numerous problems associated with breast augmentation and with extra large implants. Statistically, they’re less safe than smaller implants.

With larger implants there is a greater risk of capsular contracture, asymmetry and “bottoming out,” which is when the implant drops down too far. Extra large breast inserts are also correlated with a higher incidence of infection.

On a purely aesthetic level, you may also notice that, with XL implants, there are potential issues with areola stretching and sagging of the breast itself.

All plastic surgery carries risks. I’d suggest you inform yourself to the best of your ability of what it is exactly that you want to have done and then find the board-certified plastic surgeon that you feel will do the best job.

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Yes, you can get this surgery in the US, although not all plastic surgeons perform XL breast augmentations. Some clinics in the US will overfill saline inserts up to 2,500cc.  XL sizes are technically defined as any implant size above 600c. The largest size available in the US is 800cc.

For silicone implant sizes above 800cc you would need to seek treatment offshore.

Please note that there are multiple potential risks with larger implants: from back pain to excess pressure placed on the breast tissue. XL breast implants also stretch the skin very tightly potentially causing aesthetic issues like rippling and stretching. Over time, the increased weight and projection of the larger inserts may also cause excessive sagging.

I suggest you contact a board-certified plastic surgeon for a consultation and discuss what the best options are for you.

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What size are you looking for?

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How big is XL?

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