Would a Brazilian Butt Lift help fix my lack of hips?

I’m not really concerned about the size or shape of my butt, however I literally have no hips. My hips are disproportionate compared to the rest of my body, and I’ve been looking for the best way to make them more pronounced. Will a Brazilian Butt Lift fill out my hips?


F, 26, Delaware

Hi Sweetalicia:

Absolutely, a Brazilian Buttock Lift can improve your hips.  The medical term is augmentation of the trochanteric depressions.  If you have enough fat, this can be totally corrected and if you don't want buttock augmentation it can just be put in your hips.

Dr. Ken Stein

A BBL usually includes contouring the hips, although occasionally a patient only needs fat transfer to the hips. In any case the hips can be made much more curvy. 

Dr. George Lefkovits has 2 Buttock Augmentation before & afters:

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