Would a chemical peel be effective for melasma?

I have some melasma. I only learned what it was recently after searching my symptoms. I thought maybe it was liver spots at first but it's not. At least, not yet. Though most of the patches are on my forehead, fairly close to my hairline, I also have patches on my legs and arms. Would a chemical peel for melasma work even if it's not on the face? Also, has it been shown that chemical peels treat melasma successfully no matter where it is located?


F, 45, Virginia

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Hi Sonya-1,

First understanding what condition you have is paramount after consulting with a medical provider, however if Melasma is what you're suffering from , chemical peels can absolutely help you! If you have Melasma you must first be very cognizant of your sunscreen/block use - consistently applying sun protection every two hours, and I recommend at least a 30SPF broad spectrum to all of my patients (like Skin Medica's Total Defense and Repair or Essential Defense). Once the importance and compliance is followed for sun protection, then the correction can be discussed and performed. In my Montclair, NJ office we use VI Peels, Skin Medica Vitalize and Rejuvenize peels, and Theraplex peels. 

Depending on the skin type, sensitivities, and history of the individual, one or a combination of these peels are performed over a course of several months. Usually 6 months of treatments on a monthly basis. 

Good luck,

Dr. Jeanine Downie

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