Would Gaining Weight Help Correct Sunken Cheeks?

I am 28 years old and have always had sunken cheeks. I have tried to gain weight to solve the issue but I have a super fast metabolism. Does anyone have recommendations on how to gain weight without just going to McDonalds everyday? If not, what procedures are available to help with this issue? Just fillers?


M, 30, Arizona

Hello, there. Good questions. Photos would be very helpful to assist in discussing your options. 

In general, I would not recommend gaining weight just to fill out your cheeks unless you are underweight. If you are of a reasonably normal body mass index (20-25), you may be better served by injection of cosmetic fillers or your own fat from a donor site like the love handles. Popular fillers for cheek augmentation include my personal favorite, Voluma (made by Allergan, the makers of Juvederm and Botox), as well as Sculptra, Restylane Lift and Radiesse. Voluma feels soft and natural and has a long-lasting effect with low rates of complications. Your own fat is the most "permanent" option but requires at least some excess fat from a suitable donor area for transfer to the facial areas of concern.

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Hope this helps!

- Dr. Sayed