Would microneedling work for stretch marks?

I really like what I've heard about and seen with microneedling. I know a few people who had the procedure done for acne scars and it worked amazingly well. I was blown away. I've had stretch marks underneath my breasts and around where my waist and bum meet from when I lost weight about five years ago. How successful would microneedling be in getting rid of them and replacing them with smoother, softer skin? That was the end result for my friends who'd undergone microneedling for their acne scars and it'd be a dream come true if I could get the same result for my stretch marks.


F, 39, Pennsylvania

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Yes! When the skin begins to shed and peel, it's because new skin cells are forming underneath and pushing the older skin cells out. It's a very good indication you will have better results when you peel after micro needling.

Microneedling is very effective for stretch marks, after one session, results can be seen.