Would pectoral implants help for Poland syndrome?

I hate this condition. It has caused me nothing but misery. Whether as a child, adolescent and now an adult, it has been almost impossible for me to avoid showing my chest. When people aren't staring, they're saying horrible things. It's really disgusting. It has been a very depressing experience but I promised myself that when I was of legal age, I would find a solution to this problem and never have to deal with the ridicule and stares again. I have just heard about pec implants for men. Could this be the solution to I've been seeking? If so, how should I proceed? I cant' get started fast enough. I pray you can help me change my life.


M, 21, Virginia

Tags:man age 18-24 pecs

Sorry for your problem and I would go on some consultations with experts and be evaluated in person and compare recommendations.  That said pec implants are used in the appropriate patients 

Dr Corbin