12 Laser Hair Removal Sessions to My Underarms and Bikini Area

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I’m 22 years old and currently living in Los Angeles, CA. I started going to New Look Skin Center in Encino, CA, in April 2016, when I bought a Groupon deal for six laser hair removal treatments on a medium area. I paid $119.00 for the Groupon deal. I wanted to get laser hair removal done because I have dark and thick hair that had been bothering me for a long time and I had a problem with ingrown hairs due to shaving so much. I have since received all 6 laser hair removal treatments. All of the Groupon treatment sessions were done on my bikini line, and I paid for 6 additional laser hair removal treatments on my underarms, which cost around $20 per session. I would get both treatments done every 8 weeks, starting in April of 2016 and my last appointment was in January of 2017. All of my treatments were done by either nurse Bridgette or nurse Sicely. For my very first treatment, after I arrived they had me fill out some paperwork about my medical history and info about myself (billing info). After that, before each appointment, I had to answer questions about medications I may have started taking, sun exposure, laser therapy, pregnancy and age to make sure I was good to go for my appointment safety and liability wise. This was usually done via phone where they would call a day before my appointment and an automated system would ask me the questions. I typically booked my appointments online, but I had more luck calling and booking via phone since it usually was a much faster process than searching for an appointment online. They did give the option to pick a nurse if you read good reviews about her and wanted her to do your treatment. Sicely was usually pretty booked during my availabilities, so I couldn’t get her every time.

When I arrived at the office, before my first treatment, the receptionist sold me some numbing cream. It was a very small jar for the price (which I can’t remember) but it worked well. I was told to put it on in their bathroom, but I was disappointed with the lack of instructions about putting it on and I was worried about it transferring to my clothing and it not working. I only bought the numbing cream from the office one time and after that I bought some lidocaine cream online through Amazon and just put it on at home an hour before my appointment. The wait time was about 30 minutes for the numbing cream to activate before my appointment so they told me if I was buying numbing cream to show up 45 minutes before and if not 15 minutes before my appointment. They were always good at making sure they saw me on time and the appointments never took more than 20 minutes for my two areas. In addition, I feel the numbing cream was needed for the bikini area for me, but my underarms could do without. I consider myself to have a pretty high pain tolerance.

During each appointment, I was called back and they usually started with my underarms. I wasn’t required to take off my shirt if I didn’t want to. Then they would tell me to strip from the waist down and the nurse would do my bikini line. Before, they would have me wipe my underarms and make sure I wasn’t wearing any lotions or deodorants in either area before the laser treatment. It was relatively quick and they gave me goggles to protect my eyes and they would stop for a second and let me compose myself if it was hurting too much. After each treatment, they would let me get dressed and show me to a room on the side with baby wipes, aloe, and sunscreen to make sure the areas that were treated were well taken care of before I left. I would pay for whatever I owed right after my appointment and then they would give me the option to either schedule my next appointment right then and there or call and schedule later and I usually did the latter. The procedures never caused me pain afterward and I really didn’t experience any discomfort once the procedure was over beyond a little bit of redness. I was happy with each session because less and less hair would come back! Overall, I recommend New Look Skin Center, but I have started seeing more hair growing back now (it is currently September 2017) so I plan to go back for some touch ups soon. Hope this helps anyone looking for a place to get laser hair removal done!