A 19 Year Old's Experience with Lip Fillers

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Performed 2016

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My name is Diana and I am 19 years old. At the age of 18 I decided to get lip fillers to enhance the appearnance of my lips.  

I did my research and found a well known plastic surgery clinic in Stockholm.  For my lip injections, I decided to go with Stylage- hyluronic acid (HA) filler, which is a good product because it supposedly lasts longer than the average filler like Juvederm etc. It also claims to be very soft and not form any bumps. I got 1 mL of fillers.  

When I went there I got numbing cream and had it on for 30 minutes before it was finally time to be injected to plump up my lips!    

I am a person who literally hates needles so much and I cannot stand them, however, I felt like I wanted to have fillers because my upper lip was poking down and had no volume. I wanted a new upper-lip! I was laid down and told to have close my eyes if the needle really scared me and that was what I did. They asked me if I wanted a numbing agent in the filler as well, so whenever it got into my lips I would not feel a thing and I said yes! Who wants to feel pain?!

They finally stuck the first needle in and I did not feel a thing and so they kept injecting me, and it took around 15 minutes and it was done.   

When we were done, I felt the weirdest feeling ever because I was so numb and I felt like my lips were rock-hard. It's that same feeling you get when you go to the dentist and them numb your lips. Then they massaged my lips and that was very, very uncomfortable but I was finally done.   

I was not able to wear any makeup or touch them for the first 24 hours because they did not want bacteria from my hands contaminating my lips, leading to an infection. I had a difficult time doing some facial expressions, but the swelling was the worst part because I looked like a monkey for two days until it finally settled down a bit.  

Eventually the sweeling went down and I loved the look of my new lips! The fillers held for about six months and it boosted up my self-confidence and I had so much fun putting on lip products. Lip fillers are also a good alternative because they are temporary, so if you’re not happy with the results they will run out anyway. I am very happy wiht the decision I made!