2 Years Since My Tummy Tuck and I'm So Happy

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1 Year After Tummy Tuck - 2 Years Since My Tummy Tuck and I'm So Happy - review image.
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Performed 2018

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My name is Gina and after having my son when I was 21 (I'm 24 now), I was left with a lot of loose, saggy skin. I was a single mum and this really knocked my confidence, so I sought out plastic surgery. I rang around a few different places and looked at reviews before booking a consultation at Fitzwilliam Clinic in Belfast. The staff were all very friendly and I spoke to Mr Sinclair, who told me I also had a hernia and split muscles, so we agreed to fix that too.

Around a week later, I got an email confirming the price of my surgery and the staff were very nice and let me decide if I wanted to stay in or go home the same day. I decided to go home the same day to keep costs down. Once I got a confirmed price, I applied for a loan at my bank. I was working full-time and it is a fixed interest rate loan -- I would not recommend anyone take out something they cannot afford to pay back or the bank will keep adding a lot of interest on!

After the money was in, I booked my operation and arranged to live at my mum's place while she was off work to help look after my son.

 The day I went in, I was not nervous at all. The nurses were very friendly and explained what would be happening. As I went into theatre, a nurse held my hand while I was put to sleep. When I woke up, I was given some pain killers and it was explained that I had to stay bent over for a few days. I wore a bandage around my middle section, which had holes in to go to the toilet (I wont lie, it was gross!). The nurses helped me up and walked me slowly to the bathroom. I was allowed to stay resting as long as I needed until I felt ready to come home. The nurses helped me get into the car and my boyfriend drove me home.

I was very sore if I accidently stood up too straight or moved too fast. It was difficult to sleep too, as I had to stay sitting up but also have my knees bent high with pillows underneath. I tried eating one of my chocolates, but it made me feel like I was going to throw up. so I do not recommend eating anything apart from dry toast after surgery!

A week or so later, I had to go back and get my dressings changed. This made me feel really queasy, as I am a squeamish person but the nurses were really understanding. They told me how to keep clean and that I was now allowed to shower. When I got home, I had my first shower, which took a while, as I still had to stay bent over and move slowly. As I changed my dressing, I felt like I was going to be sick, so I went to the toilet and my boyfriend got one of my anti-sickness tablets the nurses gave me. When I stopped feeling sick, I looked at my tummy and was amazed! All the skin was gone and I had my waist back! My belly button looked a bit odd , but the Dr had to cut it out and reconstruct it so I didn’t have high hopes anyway! After a few months though, it looked like a normal belly button. Everything changes shape for a few months after surgery! I also had some bruising and my scar was wrinkly, but all of this went away so do not panic!

When I went for a check up, I told them I was not happy with skin left at my sides, known as dog ears. It was explained to me that it could be water retention and to see how it went over the next few months. It never went away so a year later I was able to get them taken away. The staff didn’t make me feel awkward at all, it just felt like part of the plan rather than me making a complaint which made me more comfortable. I didn’t have to be put to sleep for this, I just had injections to numb and it was finished in about 20 minutes. It did not hurt to heal either, just felt like two small cuts on my waist.

It has been around two years since my tummy tuck and I am so happy with the results. I have been able to wear bikinis again and feel like myself! I still have a lot of stretch marks that make my tummy look saggy when I bend but that’s to be expected after having a large baby! I am currently pregnant and the nurses have been fine with me phoning up the clinic to ask questions and they sent me a letter with all my stitches etc to give to the hospital in case I need a c-section. I have not had to pay any extra money for fixing my sides, phoning to speak to nurses or this letter. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful and I would 100% recommend anyone thinking of getting a tummy tuck to go here.

Dr. Stephen Sinclair


Fitzwilliam Clinic - Belfast

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