20 Year Old's Experience With Accutane. Videos of Every Part of The Process!

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Hi! My name is Ada and for many years I suffered with cystic acne, which is the most severe acne you can have. My journey with Accutane gave me courage and inspired me to create a YouTube channel. I created my channel in hopes of helping AT LEAST one person out there that is struggling with acne, the insecurities and maybe even the lack of self-love that takes place because of acne. I know what it’s like to feel misunderstood, as if no one can relate with the struggles that you’re going through because of your acne. I remember feeling disgusted of my skin and wishing that one day I would love the reflection I saw in the mirror. My videos are all about giving advice and sharing my personal experiences to help others. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback by viewers. They have reached out and have said how thankful they are to have found my channel. I’m “funny and entertaining” as told by viewers. I've included links (below) to videos of my entire experience, from beginning to end, with Accutane.

I’m 20 and I live in Long Beach, CA. I struggled with acne for 7-8 years, and in 2016 my acne was the worst it had ever been. I did my research on what other medications I could try because I had tried almost everything under the sun to find relief. I stumbled upon a YouTube video that gave me hope, I had discovered Accutane! My initial thought was “If that doesn’t cure this acne, nothing will”. I was mentally and physically drained from trying all the natural regiments/concoctions family and friends suggested. I was tired of using Over-The-Counter medications and prescriptions given by different doctors with ineffective results. I was desperate to get rid of my severe cystic acne. My mother, being a witness to the struggle I was going through suggested that I seek a Dermatologist. I contacted my doctor’s office, and they sent me a referral by mail. Unfortunately, the first Dermatologist couldn’t help me since he wasn’t licensed to prescribe Accutane, consequently, he referred me to one that was. I was under the impression that any Dermatologist could prescribe any kind of skin medication, but that’s not the case.

I’m thankful to have met Deanne Newton, my dermatologist. She’s located on 8345 Firestone Blvd Ste 310, Downey, CA. 90241 (for any of you that are interested). After the main question “What have you tried?” was asked, I let her know that I had tried just about everything. She knew I was a candidate for Accutane because my acne was severe, I even had breakouts on my back and on my chest. I was given a booklet, the “iPLEDGE Program Guide to Isotretinoin for Female Patients Who Can Get Pregnant”. I was explained some of the side-effects by my dermatologist: Dry lips (100% guaranteed), If I’d get pregnant my child would be born with abnormalities (100% guaranteed), a chance of suicidal thoughts, depression and the list goes on. I was asked if I was sexually active and took a pregnancy test to confirm that I wasn’t pregnant. I was glad I practiced abstinence because if there was any chance of me becoming pregnant it was certain my child would not be born healthy. I was given options to different contraceptives and I chose abstinence. She told me she’d add condoms as well since it’s mandatory to list two methods of contraception. Dr. Newton made it very clear to drink lots of water since the medication is so strong that it can affect my liver. If there were any symptoms of depression, I’d have to call her office right away because my life is more important than any medication.

I wasn’t prescribed Accutane on the first day, I had to first get blood work done, and come back to her office. She then would review the results of the blood work, and if my body can go on the medication, only then, the journey would begin. It was the same process every month to obtain the prescription. When I turned my prescription into my pharmacy I found out my insurance didn’t cover it. For 40mg, 30 capsules I had to pay $246.21 at Walmart and that was the most inexpensive price for a pharmacy. I was so distraught because being a college student, I did not have that kind of money to be paying every month. On my second month, I notified my dermatologist about the insurance situation and she was shocked! She right away contacted my insurance company and thankfully, from that moment I no longer had to pay for my Accutane, I could transfer my prescription to my nearby Rite-Aid pharmacy until my 6-month journey came to an end.
There are no words to express how happy I am now. This medication has made a huge positive impact in my life. I’ve become a better person, I’m learning to love myself again, and I try every day to have a positive outlook on life. I’m no longer afraid to step outside and make eye contact with others. I no longer have that lingering thought of “Oh GOD! They’re looking at my skin…counting my pimples…judging me.”. I’m happy to let others see me with my acne scars, which, by the way, are slowly fading. Washing my face without pain and not finding traces of blood from pimples, has helped me see the little things we take for granted. This journey pushed me to work on my confidence and self-love. Our value as an individual is not based on our appearance. Our value is based on who we are deep within. If you’re having a tough time not finding the right medication or being unhappy with your persona, know that you’re not alone. MANY are going through this struggle like I have. Don’t give up because many times I felt like giving up, but now I’m proud to say that I overcame the difficult, deep-dark times and survived. YOU have the power and control to do what’s best for you. Seek professional help and maybe you too can be a candidate for Accutane. If you want to know more about my Accutane experience, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I go more in depth in my “Journey on Accutane” YouTube video. I talk about the side-effects and the results of every month. I show how my skin WORSEN before it cleared up and many others experiences I had with being on Accutane.

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