20 YO, Juvederm: Lip Injections Are Amazing!

HBaker Patient gender: Female Patient age: 23 Location: Altoona, PA Cost: $400

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Before Lip Injections - 20 YO, Juvederm: Lip Injections Are Amazing!  - review image.

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Lip augmentation


Performed 2018

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I decided to give lip injections a try at age 20. I am from Altoona, Pennsylvania and went to Doctor Peter Pham in Altoona to get my lip injections done. Dr. Pham is actually a dentist and his practice does mostly dental work, but he is licensed to perform cosmetic procedures as well. He offers injectables (Juvederm and Botox), Zoom teeth whitening, and veneers. He does my dental work as well.

My lips were normal looking before -- not too small. I decided to try lip injections purely for fun. I did not go into it thinking much at all. I was actually nervous though!

Dr. Pham uses Juvederm filler for lip injections. He explained that once injected, it just slowly dissolves itself so there would be no “removal” of the injections. Over time, they would just fade away. He told me 6-8 months. I like this because it is not permanent, and if I didn’t enjoy the look, it would just go away over time. He charges $400 per syringe of juvederm, but he does typically run specials.

I went in for a consultation. He explained the process to me and made me feel really comfortable about it all, so I went ahead and got the procedure done at the same time of the consultation. Price depends on what you get and how much, so I would definitely say requesting a consultation is best since not one person is the same.

I laid back in the chair and he applied a topical numbing treatment and in about 10 minutes my lips were numb. The actual process was EXTREMELY FAST- it took maybe 10 minutes maximum. Once my lips were numb, he injected one syringe in the top and one in the bottom. He held up a mirror beforehand so I could show him exactly the look I was going for. It was very comforting. He even allowed me to show pictures of the look I desired.

I know everyone deals with pain differently, but I could not feel the needle going into my lip. When he started to actually inject, the pain increased but it was not extremely painful. I would rate it like a 3/10.

Once he was done, the office gave me an ice pack for my lips since they were pretty swollen. He told me not to freak out since they were huge and the swelling would go down.

Throughout the next couple days I was swollen but nothing crazy. Nobody even noticed! I bruised on my top lip the first day only. Swelling went down more and more everyday. My lips felt inflated but nothing crazy. They did not hurt! The most painful part was the actual injection and it was not super painful whatsoever.

I didn’t have any special instructions to follow up or have aftercare with the injections. He told me to stay out of direct sunlight for 10 days which was no problem. The swelling went down and after 2 weeks I wanted more! (One thing I would suggest is definitely starting small and working your way up if you want more). Dr. Pham told me I had to wait at least 4 weeks from the date of the first procedure to get more injected so my lips did not scare.

After 5 weeks, I went back and got 1 more syringe all over. I loved the look and the aftercare was so low maintenance. Sometimes I even forget I have my lips done! They look so natural and people compliment them all the time. Dr. Pham is wonderful!

I will probably get lip injections for the rest of my life. Once you start you can’t stop!

Dr. Peter Pham

Altoona, PA

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