23 Years Old and I Get Preventative Botox Injections

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I am 24 years old and had my first injections of Botox when I was 23. You're probably thinking 'why would such a young woman get Botox?' Well...I got them as a preventative measure, not because I was beginning to form wrinkles. My mom is a nurse injector and she told me that most people wait too long before they get Botox and then they need fillers to get rid of their wrinkles. I wanted to prevent my wrinkles from forming and since my mom looks good for her age and is a big advocate of Botox, she was not against me getting it. 

The Botox injections are placed under your skin and there is minimal pain when the needle penetrates your skin. You feel the needle go into your skin, but it’s so small that it doesn’t cause ‘jump out of your chair’ pain.

It took 8 days for my Botox to work the first time. By ‘work,’ I mean paralyze your muscles so that they don’t form frown lines when you make facial expressions. I never had wrinkles to begin with, but I like how the Botox prevents lines from forming if I smile or frown.

I have experienced no side effects from my first or second round of Botox injections. I get a discount because my mom is an injector, but cost is obviously a factor when getting Botox at such a young age because you’ll have to keep doing it to keep your skin from forming wrinkles. The earlier you start getting injections, the fewer wrinkles you’ll have form on your face as you age. Prevention is critical to staying young for as long as you can. 

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