25 Year Old's Experience Getting Botox to Prevent Forehead Wrinkles

MichelleV Patient gender: Female Patient age: 28 Location: Mooresville, NC Cost: $300

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2016

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My name is Michelle Venafra. I am 25 years old and I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. I started going to Dr. Martin L. Blue’s office located in Mooresville, North Caroline because I was receiving facial treatments from one of the aestheticians for the treatment of my adult acne.

I am currently a second-grade teacher. Teaching is an extremely stressful job. I also must animate my face constantly when teaching children of such a young age to keep them engaged. Additionally, I workout 7 days a week. I mostly lift weights, so I also make facial expressions during strenuous exercises. After 3 years of teaching and working out, it left me with forehead wrinkles, and I looked much older than 25. I didn't have crow's feet, but my forehead lines made me insecure about my skin aging prematurely. I then read about how Botox does not cure your wrinkles, but it can help prevent them. Botox injections essentially paralyze the frown muscles, so you are unable to use them and form frown lines. This prevents exisiting wrinkles from turning into deep lines, which would require filler to treat. Since your muscles are unable to contract, your wrinkles cannot get progressively worse. I have had Botox 3 times from Dr. Blue. I pay roughly $300 depending which specials are being run. I would not trust just anyone with Botox. Horror stories do happen and you need to be careful. I've heard stories of patients left with droopy eyelids, fallen features, and more. Dr. Blue informs me every time how he does the procedure, and the science behind it. It only takes about 15 minutes for each treatment.

Recovery from the procedure is easy. Downtime is nonexistent, however, for 24 hours you must not touch your forehead or it will move the Botox and potentially cause complications. I do not find the injections to be painful. It feels like a slight pinch at the injection site. It's slightly uncomfortable but not unbearable at all. So far, I feel like I have taken a huge preventative step in the wrinkly world. I am going to age gracefully as possible, but I don't mind having small improvements here and there. Wrinkles are inevitable because of gravity, however if I can slow down the aging process, I will. In my personal experience, Botox is worth every penny and Dr. Blue is the man I can trust to perform my injections!

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