28 Year Old Has Botox Injections For The First Time

ABKNewYork Patient gender: Female Patient age: 30 Location: New York, NY Cost: $800

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Before Botox Injections 1 - 28 Year Old Has Botox Injections For The First Time  - review image.
Before Botox Injections 2 - 28 Year Old Has Botox Injections For The First Time  - review image.
After Botox Injections 2 - 28 Year Old Has Botox Injections For The First Time  - review image.
After Botox Injections 1 - 28 Year Old Has Botox Injections For The First Time  - review image.

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

Procedure review

I went to the dermatologist at the end of December 2017 not planning to get botox. I actually went to discuss excessive facial dryness and ended up getting botox on a whim. I’m almost 28 years old and I’ve been seriously considering getting botox in my forehead region for the past year. While I may still only be in my twenties and diligent about taking all of the measures I can to minimize the effects of aging and the environment, such as proper nutrition and religiously moisturizing, the stress and sleep deprivation of my 80+ hour a week job has noticeably enhanced the frown lines on my forehead. My recommendation to anyone considering botox is to definitely go for it. I think my only regret at this point would be not getting botox a year ago when I initially wanted it.  A little bit goes a long way. The whole process was also painless, quick and easy. The whole injection process literally took about a minute and I went back to work right after. The Physician Assistant (PA) who injected me asked me to make a few facial expressions, notably “angry face” and injected the botox between my eyebrow area and laterally on my forehead. It felt like a little prick, no noticeable blood, and I even went to a social event a few hours later. Only I knew I got botox. I’m now writing this five days after getting botox and I am both satisfied and happy with the result. My forehead is much smoother at rest but I can still make normal facial expressions without a noticeable difference. This was critical for me in my decision to get botox – I wanted to look natural and didn’t want people to know I had it done. No one has noticed to my knowledge but I do notice the improvement in my forehead lines. The PA requested I come back in two weeks if I decided I wanted a  little more injected. I do. I think she may have gone a bit too conservative, but I’m glad she did for my first time. Since I’m only 28 years old and overall people tend to think I’m about five years younger than I actually am, the PA advised I only get botox done in my forehead region twice a year. Twice a year is very reasonable in terms of commitment in time and cost. With this said, I believe botox is only a small part of a holistic regimen that includes proper diet, exercise, moisturization and other lifestyle habits. I try to take good care of myself and go the natural route when possible but a little boost from modern science to maintain my aesthetics has already improved my confidence (and forehead!). My last suggestion for anyone considering botox is to always go to a reputable cosmetic dermatology or plastic surgery office with PAs or MDs who have extensive experience with cosmetic procedures such as botox.

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2018 Update: My initial injections didn't have enough of an impact. My forehead muscles still move too much. I'm returning to Schweiger Dermatology to get a second round of injections. I'm getting them on Thursday and will let you guys know how they go. 

So I went back to my injector and it turns out I didn't need any additional injections. When I told my injector I felt like I needed more, she showed me a mirror and said 'where?' I guess I thought my muscles were still moving too much, but when I looked in the mirror, they weren't. My appointment lasted 5 minutes and I felt a bit silly for going in. I can honestly say that I don't feel the Botox at all. I feel no different than I did before my injections, only now I don't form frown lines. Crazy!