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Hi my name is David and I’m from Villanova, PA. I am currently 30 years old and am working in the advertising business. Growing up I had a bunch of moles and skin tags on my body but nothing too alarming. I also suffered from bad acne so in my late high school years I was more focused on making sure I was pimple free with a clear complexion than worrying about any other skin conditions.

Although I am writing about my mole removal, I just want to say I had a great experience with Accutane to clear my acne. My face was no longer oily and I didn’t suffer from painful deep pimples anymore. Throughout college I got a few blemishes but nothing out of the ordinary for a kid in his late teens – early 20s.

With clear skin I was starting to notice small imperfections on my body. Not to sound narcissistic but I would look in the mirror and stare at a few moles that really bothered me. I had one small mole at the tip of my nose, and another one on the side of my nose. In addition to these, I had 2 big moles on the back of my neck.

Let me start at the beginning of my mole removals journey. Lets just say that I have gone from an amateur to a professional.

When I was about 23 I lived in New York City and decided that I was going to get the moles on my neck removed. I didn’t really know where to start so I just Googled doctors in my area. In my head I was telling myself I was doing this so the moles would be off my body and I could avoid any future scares with skin cancer (although in the back of my head I wanted it for cosmetic reasons too). I literally just called a doctor that I found online that took my insurance and was a dermatologist I believe.

Just an FYI, now I know the importance of going to a board certified plastic surgeon if you do not want a largely visible scar.

I met with her and she assured me that I would have good results and just a thin white line that was barely noticeable. I scheduled my procedure for a week later and it was time to get them removed. Again like I mentioned earlier, I now know that there are so many doctors performing cosmetic surgery that any of them are willing to take your money and promise great results. She removed the 2 moles, by cutting deep below them making sure to remove everything. Then she stitched them up and put a couple of Band-Aids on them. She told me it would take time for them to heal but everything went well. I walked out, gave my credit card, and went home.

A couple days after the procedure the band aid was kind of falling off, so I removed it and put some mole removal cream she gave me on it and replaced the band aid. It looked pretty horrendous but I wasn’t too worried because it was a day and a half after the procedure so I expected that.

Once I got to 2 weeks after the procedure and started to see it closing up I realized this was not going to be a thin white line. It was 2 pretty significant spots on my neck that looked red and had a wide surface area. As the weeks went on it continued to heal and get more pink than red but I had realized that I would have to accept that’s how these would look. I wasn’t really pleased but I also didn’t like the moles so I tried to look on the bright side, and thought that maybe in the future I can have the scar revised.

This brings me to 2 years later.

I had read some article and talked to a bunch of friends to realize that I chose the wrong doctor for my removal of my 2 large moles. But now I was going to look into removing my facial moles and this was something that I was definitely worried about. I did not want a huge scar on my nose and from my first experience that’s what I felt I was going to get. 

However, I had a family friend who told me to go to a doctor close by and get some professional medical advice. Still at this point I didn’t really understand the importance of certifications but she ended up being a board certified plastic surgeon. I went in saying I just want the mole at the tip of my nose removed and not to worry about the other one. She told me it was a very simple procedure and she could just take them both off. Although I was quite nervous because I was promised an excellent result with my first procedure, I rolled the dice and said ‘let’s do it.’ She actually didn’t even make me come back and schedule an appointment she did it right then.

The way she performed this procedure was way different than my first one. Just like the first she did numb the area but then used a device to basically burn the mole off. She removed both of them in a matter of 30 minutes with the help of her medical assistant. She put 2 small Band-Aids on my nose and told me it would take time to heal. It wouldn’t even fully be healed for about a year, but each month it will continue to look better and better.

When I got home I noticed the difference right away, first of all there were no stitches in my nose like when I got them removed from my neck. She did check in on me three weeks later to see how I was doing and also to make sure I knew they were benign moles. Even at the 3-week mark I could tell I was going to have a great result. Without boring you too much, it basically continued to get less pink over time and now its about 5 years later and you can’t tell I ever had moles on my nose.

So this brings me to about 6 months ago. I had a couple small moles on my cheek so I decided I wanted to have another removal procedure. A friend that I work with told me he had a great experience with a doctor so I figured I would set up a doctor appointment with him for facial mole removal. And by the way I did ask my friend if he was a board certified plastic surgeon before making the appointment.

At my appointment I told him my two stories above and he explained the first one she was not looking out for the cosmetic result at all and you have to be careful not just to go to any doctor. He explained, it was possible she was a newer doctor and hadn’t been very experienced. He did add that he would be burning these moles off similar to my second experience. We went through the same process of numbing the area which takes about 15 minutes and then the removal which took another 15 minutes. He told me everything came out great and there should not be a visible scar. He also added, which I did not know, that if I wanted to get laser treatments in the future it could help make the very tiny scars even more faint and could even out my skin tone.

Something I want to add which I made sure to do more for my third removal was staying out of the sun. It is so important not to let sun hit your skin where you had the mole removed. It won’t allow the spot to heal properly and you will end up with a mark on your face (or wherever you have the procedure). It stinks for me since I had the procedure in February – most of the spring and summer I have been avoiding the sun but it is definitely for the best. And I apply sunscreen everyday to my face to take it a step further. 

I have also been doing some home remedies to improve my skin like scar remover cream, applying apple cider vinegar uneven spots on my face and at home microneedling. I bought a microneedling kit online that stimulates collagen and allows for a smoother complexion and reduction of scars. Even though I keep mentioning scars they are so small and barely visible but I am just giving some tips to make it even less visible.

My future definitely holds the removal of some more moles and maybe some skin tag removal, which I may be able to buy a product at the drug store for this. All in all, mole removal is quite simple if you go to a qualified doctor. I urge you to ask questions about how the mole will be removed and if there will be a visible scar. Good luck and I hope this helps!

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Its been around 8 months since I had the moles removed from my cheek.  I could not be more pleased.  My skin is completely smooth in the area and you can barely tell anything was ever there.