30 Years Old, Had Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty To Fix Tired Look

Tags: age 25-34

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Lower eyelid lift

Performed 2017

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By the time I turned 30, I already looked very tired. Both my family and co-workers used to ask me all the time if I got enough sleep during the night. It made me feel like I was 70 years old and was a real confidence buster. My then boyfriend — now my husband — could tell how much I was bothered by it and used to buy me all sorts of under eye skin treatments. I even tried buying a bunch of them myself and they never worked. I was still told I looked tired and I was sick of it. I had my operation with an ocuplastic surgeon, because I felt like he had more experience doing blepharoplasty surgery than the plastic surgeons I consulted with. My whole recovery took about two weeks and I don’t regret doing it. My scars are not visible at all, the recovery was painless (some bruising and swelling) and now I feel so much better about myself. Having this surgery has been a huge confidence booster.