300CC Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Mentor Implants Review With Photos

uwodoo Patient gender: Female Patient age: 25

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300CC Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Mentor Implants Review With Photos - review image.
300CC Moderate Plus Profile Silicone Mentor Implants Review With Photos - review image.

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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2016

Procedure review

I had a breast augmentation approximately 8 months ago (July 2016). My pre-op size was a 34A and I had tubular breasts with very minimal breast tissue. For these two reasons, I decided to undergo a breast augmentation surgery at 22. I researched plastic surgeons online before deciding on one in Puerto Rico (my home country). I knew one of the risks of having breast implant surgery, was that my breasts wouldn't look natural. I didn't want it to look like I had fake boobs. I told my plastic surgeon this and he recommended 300 cc moderate plus profile mentor memory silicone gel implants. Due to the severity of my tubular breasts, he opted for an areola incision. I am 5’3” and around 135 lbs. My post op bra size fluctuates between a 34C and 34D.

I traveled to Puerto Rico a week before my surgery and allowed two weeks for recovery. My procedure was to take place at the surgery center run by my doctor. My main concern before surgery was how I’d react to anesthesia, as I had never had any sort of surgical procedure before this. My doctor opted for local anesthesia with a heavy sedative. I did not have any difficulties with anesthesia, and pain wasn't bad during my entire recovery. I was pleasantly surprised, as my pain tolerance isn't the best… I’d say the worst pain I felt was 4/10, and even then, I'd best describe it as pressure and not really pain. My overall experience at the surgical center was very positive. On my way out, I was prescribed Percocet for the first days after surgery, but did not need to take them. My pain was under control for the entire time with only over the counter painkillers (tylenol) every 6 hours.

The first few days after my procedure were a bit uncomfortable, as I was not able to raise my arms. I think this is because my new implants were placed under my chest muscles, which caused me to feel them when I raised my arms and my chest muscles contracted. On day 4, I stopped taking painkillers and even went to a dentist appointment! After 1.5 weeks of recovery time, I was back to doing almost everything on my own. Three weeks later, I flew back home to Los Angeles with no difficulties. My breasts started feeling softer and lower after exactly 3 months (October 2016), I saw my doctor in December (2016) and he said everything is on track and breasts may continue to drop/soften. Overall, my personal experience with breast augmentation surgery was extremely positive. I'm very happy with the implant size and implant type I chose. I'm glad I did not go with very large implants and I'm very satisfied with my breast size now. I love my new boobs and I'm very happy with my silicone implants.

If you're thinking of getting cosmetic surgery, I highly recommend you do your research. Speak with friends, read blog posts online, find out if silicone or saline implants are best for you, etc. Make sure you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon if you're contemplating having plastic surgery. If you do all of this, you won't regret your decision. Good luck!

Before picture was taken a week prior to surgery. The after picture was taken 5 weeks after surgery.

For those interested in who my doctor was, his name is Dr. Luis Rodriguez Terry in San Juan, PR. 

Here's a video about my experience getting a breast augmentation: