31 year Old Male Coolsculpting Review With Cost and Photos. Happy With Results in NYC.

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31 year Old Male Coolsculpting Review With Cost and Photos. Happy With Results in NYC. - review image.
31 year Old Male Coolsculpting Review With Cost and Photos. Happy With Results in NYC. - review image.

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Performed 2016

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I am a 31 year old male with an athletic build. I go to the gym for 1-2 hours a day and have for many years. I have always been fit. Unfortunately, I don't have the 'cleanest' diet. I don't drink a lot of beer and I don't eat complete junk, but I certainly don't go out of my way to avoid pizza, hamburgers and pasta. Due to this, I have always had little pouches of fat on my sides ('love handles'). I am afraid of surgery and didn't think I really needed it. So, I decided to look into non-invasive fat reduction technologies. I came across Cynosure's Sculpsure and Zeltiq's Coolsculpting Treatments while doing Google searches for different procedures. After reading numerous reviews online, I decided that the Coolsculpting procedure would be best for me. The idea of fat freezing to eliminate stubborn fat actually seemed pretty cool to me.

I visited the Coolsculpting website and found a plastic surgeon named Dr. David Rapaport in NYC, where I live, who had a Coolsculpting machine and made an appointment. The day of the consultation I met with Dr. Rapaport, showed him my love handles and told him I wasn't a fan of surgical procedure but would consider it if he felt it was right for me. He told me I was a great candidate for Coolsculpting and directed me to his Cool Spa clinic. He told me I would most likely need multiple treatments, but that the recovery time would be minimal and thought I would be very satisfied with my results. The procedure would likely take 3 treatments with 2 sessions for each treatment at a cost of $5500. I decided to schedule the procedure.

The day of the procedure, I arrived at the Cool Spa and was placed in a very comfortable looking room with TVs and magazines. The technician pulled the largest applicator (connects through a tube to the Coolsculpting machine) and placed it on my abdomen. When the applicator was placed on my abdomen, it began to suck in my fat, which wasn't the most pleasant feeling. At first, my stomach felt very cold, but after a few minutes it became numb. I didn't mind though. Based on my research I knew the breakdown of fat by cold temperatures, called cryolipolysis, was FDA-cleared and had past clinical testing show it could be safely used for fat removal.

After approximately 30 minutes, the large applicator was removed from my abdomen and two smaller applicators were placed on my love handles. The same process mentioned above was repeated and 45 minutes later I was finished.

Once the treatment was done, I felt a bit numb and had 'butter stick' looking pockets of frozen fat and skin on my abdomen and sides. I was told they would eventually dissipate over the next few hours. I was also a little bit red and felt like I had some bruising and swelling. I would, however, definitely say it was very bearable and certainly worth it. Removing unwanted fat was worth the slight feeling of being uncomfortable.

I ended up having two more treatments, spaced two weeks apart. These treatments were exactly the same as my first treatment and were unremarkable.

A few weeks after my final treatment, I started to see a big difference in my lower abs and love handles. It seemed like the six pack I had when I was younger was starting to resurface. Certain areas looked more toned than others, but overall, I was starting to see some ab muscles! My body contouring procedure seemed like it was a success (thank goodness, or I would have been $5500 poorer).

Not that many months have passed since the procedure, I can definitely say I'm very happy with my results. My stomach looks much more toned and I think with a little extra effort at the gym, I'll be at my ideal weight and physique. I would recommend CoolSculpting for anyone considering a non-invasive fat loss treatment. I did not have any adverse side-effects and would do it all over again if I had to.

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