32 Units of Botox Did The Trick! No More Wrinkles on My Face!

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Botulinum toxin A


Performed 2017

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I wanted to write a very truthful review about Botox for any of you considering having the procedure. I feel like some people exaggerate the side effects in their botox experiences. For me, getting Botox injections was nothing but pleasurable.

I have received Botox twice in my life. I am currently 28 years old. The first time I received Botox was 2 years ago and saying I loved it would be a big understatement. It was fantastic! It's not cheap though, so I opted not to receive it again until 2 months ago.

The first time I received Botox I did it to resolve forehead wrinkles that I had on my face since high-school. I am a very expressive person and so I had forehead lines from an early age. I somewhat ignored them until I was in my mid-twenties, when I started associating forehead wrinkles with old people. I didn't want to be considered an old person in my twenties and that's why I decided to get Botox. I am a kid at heart and wanted to still look like a kid on my exterior. I was willing to do whatever anti-aging was necessary.

I had my Botox treatment done at LaserAway in Hermosa Beach. My nurse injector's name was Corey and she was amazing. Such a sweet woman with a gentle touch.

The first thing Corey did was take before pictures of my face on an iPad. Then she handed me a mirror and had me make several facial expressions, so that she could show me where my frown lines were and explained where the injection sites would be.

Then it was Botox time. Corey used a very thin needle to draw the Botox out of a vial. She then carefully injected it into the area between my eyebrows and subsequently my forehead. The whole treatment took 10-15 minutes and it was super quick and pain free. I literally did not feel a thing during the procedure.

After the treatment, I had a few small red bumps that quickly disappeared within an hour. I didn't have any other swelling or bruising from the injections. It's a procedure you can have during your lunch break from work. It's that easy and is the best thing ever!

Three days after getting Botox, I started to have some limitation on how I could move my facial muscles in my forehead area. By day three, the Botox fully kicked in and my forehead was frozen. Not frozen to the point that I couldn't move my muscles, but frozen enough so that I didn't have any lines form when I made expressions. For example, when I made my angry face, I didn't have those 'eleven lines.' Or when I scrunched my face up, I didn't see any creasing of my forehead.

This treatment of Botox required 32 units, but I was told that if I received treatments more regularly, I wouldn't have needed as much. Corey recommended doing a touch up every 2-3 months. I obviously waited much longer the first time I had Botox, so this treatment was as if I had never had injections before.

Botox is amazing but has it's positives and negatives. The positives are that your face looks amazing when you get it and the treatment is quick and painless. The negatives are that you have to get it done every few month

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