34A to a Full C: This is My Breast Augmentation Surgery Story

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My main goal in writing this is to reduce the stigma associated with plastic surgery. I think it’s really important for us to be able to speak openly about this and other issues. In addition, if you’re considering surgery, hopefully my experience will help you in deciding whether breast augmentation is right for you.

Next I’d like to talk about why I had the surgery. I had been thinking about it for a while, probably close to 7 or 8 years so it wasn’t something that I had done impulsively. To give you a background, I was born with tubular breasts, which as the name implies, is a condition where your breast tissue develops in a constricted, tubular way. In addition, I didn’t have much breast tissue either-I was barely an A-cup. Finding clothes that fit was difficult, especially because my butt is large and my breasts were small. And I know this sounds kind of cheesy and ridiculous, but I always wondered about how I would find a wedding dress that would fit. Would I need to find 2 different dresses? Again, I know it sounds stupid, but I want to be honest and it was always on the back of my mind.

I decided to have the surgery back at home and in retrospect, I’m really happy I made that choice. Having my mom and sister by my side, especially during the few days after surgery, made a big difference. I literally couldn’t pee without assistance so I definitely recommend having close family there to help out in the beginning.

I think it makes sense to talk about how I found my doctor. Obviously as I mentioned my doctor is back in Puerto Rico, but I did a lot of research (and Instagram stalking!) while still in California. I ended up finding my doctor through a friend of my mom, but even after learning about him, I made sure to check him out. I felt comfortable with him after seeing his experience with similar conditions (tubular breasts), before/after photos, and right away I felt that this is someone I could trust and someone I wanted to perform the surgery.

As for the kind of implant I got, it’s called memory gel. It’s not saline, but it is a form of silicone. After talking with my doctor, we ended up choosing the 300cc size, which was the smallest. The reason I chose this is because I wanted to go with a super natural look and since I had little tissue to begin with, the doctor recommended this option. Plus, he said it’s always better to start smaller and go up in the future rather than going down.

During my meeting with the doctor, he explained there were 4 different types of scars/placements that he could use. One was under the armpit, another was from the belly button region which is the least common from my understanding, another was from under the breast, and the last was the one I got, from under the areola. It’s really small, less than an inch and was recommended because of my tubular breasts. My doctor also went through the 3 different profile options, or how much your breasts protrude from your body. Again, because of my desire to have a natural look, I went with the moderate option so as not to look like a porn star! When it was all said and done, I went from a 34A to a full C (not counting Victoria Secret where I’m a full D).

In terms of other questions I had for my doctor, there weren’t many because I really felt like he understood exactly what I wanted. One of my main concerns though was breastfeeding. I just wanted to make sure that this surgery, which was mainly for physical reasons, didn’t affect anything in the long-run. My doctor said that since my implant is under the muscle, it is not going to affect my chances of breastfeeding and that I have the same chances I did prior to having the surgery.

Next I want to talk about what people said. I’d first like to establish that I went into this surgery really knowing that I wanted it and that I was doing it for myself. For that reason, I didn’t really care about what other people thought, except for my immediate family, who were really supportive and are AMAZING. I did get some comments from extended family asking why I would put my body at risk, but the way I look at it, it’s your body and if it’s something you want to do, that’s your choice.

A lot of people wonder about what boys will think or your significant other will say so I wanted to touch on that. I was fortunate to have a supportive boyfriend, but the point that I’d like to make is that people who truly care about you will support you no matter what. And while this isn’t the point, let’s just say they’re probably not going to be mad about it. Wink wink.

As for the surgery itself, it was super quick, only 45 minutes long. You can literally go home right after. The next day I went back so the doctor could check everything out and all was fine. Again, it was a very simple and quick process. In terms of the pain after, I don’t recall feeling actual pain, just discomfort. I did feel pressure from the skin stretching, but nothing that severe at all. On a scale of 1-10, pain would be at a 4, max. I didn’t even need to take the pain medication that they gave me, just Tylenol. In terms of recovery, I was back to normal in only a few days.

The only complication I’d like to mention is a small rash that developed under my breasts. Honestly it was gross and it took a while to clear up, probably months. It wasn’t anything serious and the doctor said it could have been from a number of things, such as tape or dressing, but I’m an allergic person so it’s really not that surprising. The point is it was not serious at all, but I did want to mention that.

It’s 7 months later now and while it can take a year for your body to fully adjust to the implants, I can already notice the difference. People wonder about dropping, which is when your muscles start to relax and the implant drops. My boobs dropped right around the 3 month mark and I was actually a little nervous because I felt a lump under my breast. I started freaking out, called my mom, but I realized they were just dropping. Eventually, they started to become softer and feel more real, all part of the process.

I also want to mention that my breasts do NOT feel like a foreign object in my body. In the beginning, it may feel like that, but over time they become a part of you. I can honestly say they feel like a part of my body, which took about a month. It’s like I forget I had a boob job at all.

The last thing I’d like to say is more of advice to anyone thinking about breast augmentation. First, do your research! Make sure you look into different doctors, look at their experience, before/after pictures, etc. When you do choose a doctor, make sure you click with them and they understand exactly what you want. It’s important that you have that comfort level. Next, make sure you prepare for your post-op. Have supportive people around you and give yourself enough time off, even if it’s a relatively short and painless transition. Lastly, once you’ve made up your mind, GO FOR IT. As long as you’re doing it for the right reasons, there is nothing wrong with it. I am so happy I went through with it.

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