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Breast augmentation - Silicone breast implants


Performed 2017

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I was insecure about my body, despite exercising vigorously and carefully pick and choosing what I ate. I didn't like my body's proportions. I wan A cup and 5'2". I looked like I was a 10 year old girl and would have been happy with my small breast size if I was a tall woman. Perhaps then I could have rocked small boobs, but at my height and weight, I looked like a child at 21. Not exactly the look I was going for.

Making the decision to have a breast augmentation was not a difficult one for me. My mom and all her friends had breast augmentation surgery, so it was not shocking to her when I said I wanted implants too. She did not try to discourage me and knew first hand why I wanted them.

Living in Miami, finding a plastic surgeon wasn't hard either. Even though I was only 21 when I had my surgery, I had plenty of friends who had already had lip injections, breast augmentation, Botox and more. The doctor I picked for my surgery was Dr. Leonard Hochstein.

Going to meet Dr. Hochstein started off interesting. He has this really strange photo in his lobby of him in a suit operating with two big boobed nurses who are scantily clad surrounding him. Definitely a bit odd...but he came highly recommended and had hundreds of 5 star reviews online. He does have cucumber water and warm blankets though, which were needed because his office was so cold! His office kind of felt like a massage spa.

Once I met with Dr. Hochstein, I realized he was a pretty cool guy (and I expected him to be an arrogant prick tbh). We went over what kind of implants I wanted and he gave me two implants to try. I told him I did not want saline implants, because I believed silicone would give me a more natural look. We went over sizes and profiles, eventually settling on 325CC moderate profile silicone implants (ended up getting 350CC during surgery). I liked high profile implants but thought they would look too fake and didn't want to take that risk. I put $1000 down to reserve my surgery date and my total costs were going to be around $6,000. I paid cash for my surgery.


I happy on my surgery day. Cold, but happy. I trust Dr. Hochstein and wasn't thinking about all the bad crap that could go wrong during a procedure. I just wanted bigger boobs.

I arrived at the surgery center around 8 a.m. and couldn't have any piercings, makeup, contact lenses or even a tampon in. I had to pee in a cup to make sure I wasn't pregnant and fill out a stack of documents to acknowledge that I understood the risk of surgery and whatnot.

In the pre-op Dr. Hochstein drew on my breasts to mark where the new implants were going to be. I was in a hospital gown, so I was fully exposed when he drew on me, except for these paper panties they give you. Dr. Hochstein will see you in all your glory...I figured he'd see my 'stuff' anyway when I was on the operating table.

Next I met with the anesthesiologist. He was a cool dude and put me at ease. I had a needle placed in my hand then and was walked into a big operating room. I must admit that it was pretty imposing going in there. It looks like it does in the movies, with one bed and these big surgical lamps overhead. That was the only time I felt nervous.

I was then told to lay down on the bed and within the blink of an eye I was out. It did not feel like when you're going to sleep and you slowly drift off. This was a sudden lights out, like boom. I woke up in a different room in a wheelchair and was wondering when I was going to have surgery. I was told it was already over - ha. I remember looking down wondering where my boobs were. I also remember being freezing cold and they gave me a blanket to warm me up.

I will say that when you wake up, make sure you have the percocet pain medication that you're supposed to fill before surgery with you. You're going to want to take it because you'll be in pain. Trust me on this one. The percocets make you feel so much better and I can understand how people get addicted to them. You feel pretty fantastic.


Hands down the most annoying part of my recovery was having to sleep upright for 6 weeks. I am not the type of person who has ever been able to fall asleep in a chair. I need a bed and I need to lie down, otherwise I don't sleep well. So...yea...I did not sleep well for the 6 weeks I had to sleep upright. This was extra difficult because my BF didn't seem to fully understand I needed to recover!

As far as my breasts, they were very high on my chest after surgery. This was expected and I was told they would drop as the weeks went past. My breasts did not look normal during this 'drop' period. I wore a sports bra - no wired bras were allowed because they could cause dents in your breast tissue. It took me 2 weeks to be able to lift my hands above my head and around 7 weeks for my breasts to drop into a normal position. I couldn't smoke for 2 weeks before or after surgery because I was told this would hurt the healing process. After 3 days I developed dark colored bruising around the top of my breasts and that went away after a week. I had to massage my breasts frequently and you will want to do this too if you have breast augmentation surgery, because you can form scar tissue if you don't do it often and that could lead to a capsular contracture and that's not going to be fun to deal with. I was massaging my breasts every day and all the time for weeks. You will for sure get to know your breasts better than you ever have.

Scarring-wise, my incision sites were placed under my nipples. One breasts scar was completely healed after a month and the other one took longer and is a bit more noticeable. I applied Cerave lotion to my scars and it worked wonders. It absolutely helped fade my scars.

Sensitivity-wise, the sensation in my nipples was altered by surgery. I had to touch them forcefully to feel any sensation and when I did, I usually experienced pain. I was told this would happen for a year, so we'll see what happens over the next couple of months.

6 Months out of Surgery

My breasts settled to be a C cup and I really love the way they look. I am glad I chose moderate profile implants, because it looks more like I have natural breasts. I had a great personal experience with my breast augmentation and Dr. Hochstein was a wise choice for me. I got the outcome I wanted and I feel so much better about my appearance now. Clothes fit better and I feel sexy. It's exactly what I wanted out of surgery and I am satisfied. I would suggest anyone considering getting a breast augmentation do a lot of research, carefully consider the size of implants to go with (e.g. if you have kids, your boobs will grow and you should think about that when picking the size implant you want.) and do this for personal reasons, not because you want to please another person. 

Be well all!


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