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Hi Everyone, I am 5 feet 5 inches and approximately 149 lbs. I have a curvy, hourglass figure and I go to the gym 7 days a week for a minimum of an hour each day. The one part of my body that there is no non-surgical way to improve is my breasts, and I have always been bothered by how small my natural breasts were. I was referred to Dr. Mark Solomos, a plastic surgeon in London, by the Harley Medical Group. Before I could me with Dr. Solomos I had to meet with one of the nurses who worked at his clinic. It was off-putting meeting with the nurse because it seemed like all she cared about was booking for me for surgery. It’s possible she was simply having a bad day and so I booked a consultation with Dr. Solomos. The consultation fee was £100 and was at their Harley Street Clinic.

Consultation with Dr. Mark Solomos:

My consultation with Dr. Solomos went much better. I felt so much more confident in the clinic after meeting him. There was a also a different nurse that assisted the doctor throughout the consultation and she was so much nicer than the one I met the previous week. Dr. Solomos was very down to earth and considerate, which I was nervous he wouldn’t be. This really helped to calm my nerves.

The first question Solomos asked me was why I wanted to have a breast augmentation. I told him how I never had sizable breasts and always wanted them. Then he examined my breasts and took 3 measurements: 2 neck to nipple and nipple to nipple. After my examination, he said one of my breasts drooped slightly and this could be corrected during surgery.

Then it was time to put this large bra on to try out different types and sizes of breast implants. I tried on 450CC Mentor Breast Implants. I really liked the way they looked. I asked if I could try large implants, and he allowed me to, but I felt like they were a bit too large and heavy for my frame. Solomos agreed with me.

Now that my implant was selected, Solomos explained what surgery would involve. He explained that the implants would be inserted through an incision under each breast and would be dual plane, or implanted under the muscle of each breast. This lowers the risk of some side effects, including capsular contracture and gives the breast a more natural appearance. It would also lift my droopy breast. I was very excited and Dr. Solomos kept telling me I would have a lovely result. I wanted the surgery done that same day but I had to wait! Solomos told me I should start using bio oil every day to prevent the formation of stretch marks during my post operative recovery. He also told me I should take 2 weeks off from work, not lift anything heavy for 1 month and refrain from going to the gym for 6 weeks. For me, this last part was going to be quite difficult. I love working out and staying fit. He did that I could start walking as soon as I felt able to. The sacrifice you make to enhance your beauty!

Before leaving, Solomos showed me the before and afters of patients who had similar body types to me. The outcomes of those patients were fantastic and this made me even more excited to have surgery. I was so excited, I could hardly wait to have my surgery! What an amazing consultation I had. This man was sweet and really understood what I wanted. I was glad I didn’t let the first nasty nurse deter me from moving forward. My surgery was set for about 5 weeks after my consultation and would be about $5,400.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Day: 

My surgery was early in the morning at the Highgate Hospital. The worst part of my entire surgery was finding a parking spot at the hospital. My partner drove me and fortunately he was able to spend time looking for a spot so I was not late to my appointment. 

Upon first arriving at the hospital, a nurse checked my basic vitals and I was given a pregnancy test. (You can’t have surgery if you’re pregnant. I believe this is because of the anesthesia). I was then given a gown and stocking to wear into the operating room. Dr. Solomos came in after that and discussed what was going to take place. He was so kind and considerate when he saw me and asked how I was doing. I think he could tell I was visibly nervous. He marked my breasts for the operation and then told me everything would be ok. I was then led by the nurse to the operating room, which was a short walk from the room where I marked up. I seemed to calm down as I walked to the OR. In the operating room I was told to lie on a table and was given a needle with the anesthesia medication. All I remember was chatting with one of the nurses in the OR and the next thing I knew my surgery was over! 

I woke up in a bed that was in a different room than the OR. My pain level was very low at this point. My nurse came in a gave me some additional pain medication through the IV line inserted into my arm. I was then taken in a wheelchair to another room where I was told that I would have to remain until I was able to eat some food and use the bathroom. While I was in that room, Dr. Solomos came in to check on me. He asked if I was feeling ok and if I needed anything. I was still a bit spaced out from surgery, so nothing came to mind. Dr. Solomos then told me everything went well and my implants look great. He also instructed me to rest for the remainder of the week, not to get my surgical area wet and to take all the medication he prescribed me. Before leaving the hospital, the nurse put a post-surgical bra on me and I was able to eat some food. 


The first night I was not in much pain at all. I did sneak in a peek of my breasts in the bathroom and they were not what I expected. In retrospect, I should have known they were extremely swollen and of course they would look distorted, but at the time I just didn’t like the way they looked. Thanks to the pain medication (codeine) and the muscle relaxers I was given, I slept through the entire night without waking up. 

The first morning after surgery was the worst part of my recovery. I was extremely sore, had a bit more pain and felt tremendous pressure on my chest. It was like an elephant decided to sit on top of me. The pressure was most intense in the middle of my chest. I would not call my situation at the time unbearable, but it was certainly not pleasant. The pressure gradually diminished over the next week and the pain was gone by the second or third day. 


Now that I’ve had ample time to recover, I love my new breasts. Dr. Solomos did an incredible job and I love the way my new breasts healed. I ended up with the look I wanted when I first met Dr. Solomos and I am very thankful for that!



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