450CC Saline Breast Implants. Review of My Breast Augmentation Surgery With Photos, Videos and Costs.

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Breast augmentation - Saline breast implants

Performed 2016

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My Breast Augmentation Review
Current Age: 29 / Age at Surgery: 22
Located in: San Francisco, CA
My Doctor: Dr. Scott Mosser
Cost of Surgery $6,800 includes 5-10% discount because I paid in cash.

I have always had small A cup breasts, and I knew that I wanted a breast augmentation after I had my child. Due to the breast milk production, my breast tissue grew then once I stopped breastfeeding, they completely deflated, so I was now left with small yet saggy breasts. I began doing a lot of research doctors in my area, and consulted with the first doctor, but decided I should see another doctor before deciding who I would like to perform my surgery. I then met with Dr. Scott Mosser, who is a board certified plastic surgeon in San Francisco, for a consultation. Once I stepped foot into their office I felt the warmth and caring nature that the entire staff had. I knew from that moment that Dr. Mosser was going to be a great doctor with great results. For a whole year before this appointment, I had been doing my research, watched a lot of Dr.90210 on E! and read several breast augmentation forums, so I could say that I pretty much knew what to expect, so being well informed helped me not to be so nervous.

Before Dr. Mosser came in to meet with me, I was instructed to undress from my waist up, and drape myself in the paper vest. So, a short few minutes after I was undressed with the vest on, Dr. Mosser walked in and kindly greeted me. I was asked about the reasons why I wanted to have breast augmentation surgery and we went over my medical history. I explained to him that I have always been insecure about my small breast size, and after having my baby, they were stretched and deflated. I expressed my concerns about having a possible breast lift. Dr. Mosser explained that before we discussed the types of implants and sizes, and whether or not I would need a lift, that he needed to examine my breasts first before he could make a recommendation on what procedure I needed. He then looked at my breasts and with a sigh of relief told me that I did not require a lift. I would just need to have my breast implants placed under the muscle (Which also helps prevent capsular contracture, or when scar tissue forms around an implant, a potential side effect of breast implant surgery). During this time, Dr. Mosser gave me the green light and said I was an ideal candidate for breast augmentation surgery, and gave me a few different implants to look at and try on in a special sports bra they gave me. I tried on 3 different sizes of implants in the sports bra, and threw my shirt on to see what each implant looked like. I then felt the difference between the saline and silicone breast implants, and I decided on 450cc saline breast implants, which had a very natural feel. Saline-filled implants are also much safer, because should they rupture, you'll notice immediately and they're filled with a saline solution, which is not toxic to your body. The same can not be said for silicone gel-filled implants when they rupture, since the gel does not travel far from the implant capsule, you can't tell your capsule is leaking and there are conflicting reports as to whether or not silicone gel is toxic to your body. This is why when silicone gel implants leak, it's called a silent rupture. You don't know the silicone shell has ruptured until you get an MRI. This is why I ultimately decided on saline-filled implants. At the conclusion of my consultation, I was happy enough with the doctor that I decided to book the surgery that day.

My surgery day rolled around and I was not nervous one bit. I was actually very excited. I was prepped, given general anesthesia and before I knew it, surgery was over. I remember waking up in the hospital bed, with a tan bandage wrapped around my chest. I was given my pain medication, antibiotics and sent home. I remember sleeping for most of that day. The next morning, I woke up in terrible pain, and I realized that whatever pain medicine I was given wasn’t enough. I contacted Dr. Mosser and he immediately had me come in to take a look at what was going on. Everything ended up looking completely normal, and I was given a nerve block medication, which finally relieved the pain! I was incredibly grateful for Dr. Mosser and his team for caring so much about me.

7 days had now passed and I spent each night sleeping in an upright position. At this point in my recovery I was instructed to begin massaging my breasts to relax my chest muscle, so that my new implants would be able to “drop” and look like more natural breasts that weren't so high up on my chest. I had swelling and bruising, which is to be expected at this state in my recovery.

As my recovery time went on, I was beginning to feel very excited to go to Victoria’s Secret and see what my new bra size would be. I found out that I am a 32D or a 36C, which is my “sister size”. I felt confidence that I never had, and I'm so incredibly happy with my new breasts. I am so glad that I made the choice to have plastic surgery to improve the appearance of my breasts!

One thing that I would highly recommend to anyone getting a breast augmentation, that I wish someone told me, was to prep your breast skin for a month before surgery by using a stretch mark cream or oil to prevent getting stretch marks on your breasts.

All in all, I love my girls and I am so thankful that I chose Dr. Mosser, and if I ever need to have them re-done along the line, I would be so happy to go back to him once more! Breast enhancement surgery has been a life-changing experience for me and highly recommend it to anyone considering it.

Dr. Scott Mosser

San Francisco, CA - No reviews

Dr. Scott Mosser, MD - San Francisco (California)